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The Unseen Threat: A Virus’s Poem

The Unseen Threat: A Virus’s Poem

You Can’t Catch Us

You call us pathogens, that we cause disease,
But we are worse than that because we are the virus,
We kill leukocytes, which kill other pathogens,
And with unseen virulence, they aggressively cause disease,
Through virology, you try to study us,
Through mutation, we change our form,
We remain undetectable, no test will find us,
Others get deceived, cause they are asymptomatic,
No tests find us, but you wait for a week,
Until we show our symptoms, then it’s too late
We are no longer transient, we share our fate, we will die together.

We spread through necessities, from transfusion to ejaculation,
Blood after emergencies, ejaculation during procreation,
Percutaneous during injections, all that are vital,
Postnatal while breastfeeding, we will get the child,
We get endemic, ‘cause we spread far and wide,
We get anyone, from doctors to patients,
Parents to their children, and teachers to students,
But your study in virology, says we have won, says you can’t catch us.

Once we get into you, we remain subdued,
Let you do your few before we attack you,
You get adenopathy, your glands enlarge,
We cause colds and flu, but go after a while,
After drug administration, we allow you comfort,
Not that we are gone, but telling you we are home,
Your plasma will carry us, through your veins we’ll flow,
Through extensive pharmacokinetics, you try to find strong drugs,
Vaccines to protect you, we hope you will fail,
You even try aids line, but further you’ll get frail,
Through Kaposi’s Sarcoma, we’ll push you to rail,
They are opportunistic diseases, they want us to nail,
There’s no diagnosis, to treat us after all.

Don’t fight us too hard, do what you need to,
You can live with us too, ‘cause want to live too,
Fighting will not help you, but care will reward you
Even testosterone can’t help you, ‘cause we emasculate warriors,
And assure them of one prognosis, that they have to die.